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However, in this example, there is no RSS feed for this page: Inside Firefox, click on view, then toolbars and then on customize: This will open a page on which you will be able to select different viewing options.Find the RSS icon and drag it to your toolbar: Finished!Since I could not find one, I decided to build one myself. With Feeder you have everything in one place and you decide when it's the best time to consume information.Today I really believe Feeder helps me both professionally and personally by helping me stay up-to-date with work related feeds, friends blogs and my favorite sites. I have used Feeder every day since I built it and it always helps me keep focused.This way you can stay in touch with sites without visiting them all the time.

However, Google has provided a plugin that will display RSS feeds correctly.You will get started in less than a minute and Feeder will increase your productivity instantly.Soon you will understand why more than half a million people choose to follow RSS feeds with Feeder.If your site makes a feed available, but the orange icon doesn't show up in the status bar, add the following lines to the head part ( In the past I used Awasu, which I didn't like because it uses Internet Explorer, and Aggreg8, a Firefox extension.But Live Bookmarks does exactly what I want, using the right browser and just showing the headlines.

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If a site has an RSS feed, but the orange icon doesn't show up, you can add the feed manually.

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