Gou yeung yi sang 1992

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Gou yeung yi sang 1992

Even the character of the guilt-ridden pimp, that would be a perfect opportunity to chew the scenery for any actor, is excellently portrayed with the right balance of intensity and plausibility by Kim Yoon-sok.

Nachdem Fotos einer nackten und offensichtlich toten Frau aufgetaucht sind, nimmt die Polizei den Taxifahrer Lam Gor-yu fest, da er dringend tatverdächtig ist.

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Les spectateurs ont donné une note de trois sur cinq avec 491 votes.

That’s why I want to shine a light on six very different genre entries from Asian countries, which rank from disturbing to existentialist to plain silly, but are all strongly recommended to those who cannot get enough of these disturbing individuals -on screen, that is.

SOUTH KOREA directed by: Na Hong-jin Plot: The sleazy, violent cop-turned-pimp Eum Joong-ho (Kim Yoon-seok) is missing one of his callgirls after he sent her to a mysterious customer in the middle of the night.

The atmosphere is tense, we can almost feel the dampness of the surfaces that reflect the the ominous nocturnal city lights of the rain-soaked Seoul.

I was also very pleased by the lack of over-acting, something that South Korean cinema is no stranger to.

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Driven by his bad conscience, he sets out to find her on his own, as the police seems to be unwilling to act.

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