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Ringo peeked out and did the same, followed by Paul.George peeked out, looked around the room, and spied the shaven-headed Shyamsundar, one of Swami Prabhupada's main disciples.George had seen a photo of him with the other devotees in a article titled “Krishna Chant Startles London.” The article reported on the devotees’ arrival in England and their plans for opening a temple. I’ve been waiting to meet you.” And so began a friendship that led to an invitation for Shyamsundar to live with George at his manor home and an invitation for devotees to record the Hare Krishna mantra on the Apple Records label. “The first Sanskrit tune in the top ten.”Chanting 101: 6 Things To Know If You Don’t “Get” Kirtan In April 1969, the devotees arrived at Abbey Road Studios.

By the time he was 25and committed to spiritual pursuits, Harrison was to pop music what Picasso was to art or Thomas Edison to: an astounding talent, an important example of what an innovative mind could bring to his craft.

The Vedic scriptures are the oldest scriptures in the World and the only scriptures that can answer all these questions and in detail. His history, address, qualities, description, how he creates and maintains and so on. Seeing is believing, not seeing is pure speculation.

Lord Krishna has incarnated at least 9 times so far in the current cycle of creation. There is scientific evidence to prove that he existed 5000 years ago, as stated in the Vedic scriptures.

At a Christmas reception at Apple Studios, the Beatles were holding a press conference about their upcoming Abbey Road album.

John peeked out from the pressroom, scanned the crowd assembled for the reception, and made a quick exit out of the building.

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And the reason is their sizzling chemistry, which is not just limited to on-screen but in real life as well. Is this ‘Yeh Hai Mohabbatein’ actress expecting her first child?

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