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If I run it again after a successful download, it will always say it's up to date.

I don't think it is an issue of getting the virus definition. Well, first of all - this site is really not a substitute for the Symantec's techsupport.

You install Symantec Endpoint Protection (SEP) 14 managed clients that check in with Symantec Endpoint Protection Manager (SEPM), which runs an earlier version, such as 12.1.6 MP5.

You expect the version 14 clients to receive content updates, including virus definitions, from the management console.

You can either allow these clients to contact the public Symantec Live Update servers, or set up an internal Live Update server with Live Update Administrator.

Note: For most customers, it is appropriate to use the default, publicly accessible Symantec Live Update server. If the SEPM does not have internet access, then it is also possible to configure the SEPM to connect to a Live Update Administrator server to download content updates.TEM managed clients should receive updates automatically from the server.If a client is not receiving updates automatically, follow this process. Windows Live Update is called by the Symantec Endpoint Protection Manager and is responsible for downloading new content from a Live Update server.How to determine the server that Live Update is attempting to connect to: Progress Update: DOWNLOAD_FILE_START: URL: " Estimated Size: 0, Destination Folder: "C:\Program Data\Symantec\Live Update\Downloads" Progress Update: DOWNLOAD_FILE_FINISH: - NOTE - URL: " Full Download Path: "C:\Program Data\Symantec\Live Update\Downloads\" HR: 0x802A0045 EVENT - SERVER SELECTION FAILED EVENT - Live Update failed to connect to server .50 at path via a HTTP connection.

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The server connection attempt failed with a return code of 1814, Live Update could not retrieve the catalog file of available Symantec product and component updates.