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Updatingnews com

rmmds=search I needed the CW engine, (with the small concave hole), and this was the one I ordered, well after receiving it, on the label of the original Hubsan bag, clearly put CW, all correct, but when I opened it I noticed that the That came inside the bag is the flat head !! Thanks Nelson - can you tell me what the upgrades for firmware are for the X4 High Edition with H7000 controller - FC, RX and TX?

Can you link the latest firmware to your Google Drive and send me the link? I found the Hubsan charger a bit on the overshooting side, resulted cells were often 4.21-4.22v so I am not longer using it for the x4 pro batteries, they're way too expensive, it's been relegated to charge the h501s batteries (at 15 each it's not a big deal).....

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While such requests may be well-intentioned, psychologists need to carefully balance the disclosure with their ethical obligations to protect their patients' confidentiality.Thanks, George Hello guys, this is my first message on this forum. For the x4 I am using exclusively the Imax B6AC v2, setting the final voltage to 4.10v.After a crash my h109s low edition' battery doesn't work so i had to replace it. It should allow a few more cycles and the flight time is not severely shortened.Sliders, image galleries, slideshows with mind-blowing effects, landing pages, animated page blocks, or even a full website can be created using Layer Slider 6.I recently bought in Banggood an engine that I had broken while handling it, well, according to the information on the page Http:// , I do not want to buy another again because it can happen that I get it wrong again, because I do not know if the error is when the engine is packed in the bag, or the error has it Banggood on their page.

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